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Teaching for me is much more than shape a voice. It's a way of bringing people’s truth and need for self-expression to the surface.


Whether guiding a voice to blossom, during individual sessions, or while leading a singing group, I am just a tool between the music and the students - I step aside and observe as the magic happens.

During the many years of experience, I have learned that you can bring someone to practice and deepen their  instrument knowledge only through joy and fun. The focus is always on sidestepping stereotypes and fixed ideas, working joyfully, and being open to new possibilities. 


 I love to create the condition for people to sing together while taking inspiration from their cultural background and geographic origins.


Teaching is part of my vocal art. I began in 2004 when I was very young. Over the years I have developed a very personal teaching style that draws on the different vocal approaches and techniques I have learned, my experience with theater and stage, and feedback from all the voices I have encountered years by years working with singers, children, actors, and musicians.


My teaching activities are:

- singing / improvisation workshops

- In-person or online individual singing lessons

- Vocal coaching for actors or any kind of speakers

-Nada / Mantra Yoga workshops 

- Music workshops for kids

Cecilia L'Abbate

I had already joined 3 choir groups with Elisabetta. The experience with her choir lessons exceeded my expectations. I started because I felt I had something that needs to come to the surface. It became a unique experience in every session, discovering new capacities, growing more and more self-confidence in my singing abilities. Elisabetta is sensitive and careful. She gives everything until it comes out: your very own authentic sound. How does she do? She let us explore ourselves, physically and mentally, with a very gentle, respectful, and funny approach. She leads the group, everyone feels included and part of a whole bigger thing, like an instrument itself. I really enjoyed every time and I cannot wait to join a new one as soon I can do it again!


Aurora Ciocchetti

Despite being a beginner, thanks to Elisabetta I was able to feel immediately at ease, Elisabetta is a teacher like few others, able to excite and get excited, to know how to find the best way for any individual and situation to reach the goal. And this is the magic of every meeting. She is a serene, playful, friendly, precise, flexible, punctual, demanding, truly complete teacher, with a thousand resources. Each lesson, although it follows repeated guidelines, can be an adventure in itself. Different approach techniques to grow both as an individual singer and as a chorister. It also follows very different styles: from the classic approach to the oriental or genres such as Jazz, blues, folk, etc. Thanks to her I started a path that requires a lot of constancy and commitment and I am fully satisfied with it. Really thank you very much!

Salvatore Martire

When I joined the group, I did it out of love for music as a listener, and to fight against the shyness of singing in front of anyone. Elisabetta not only helped me in the second one, being such a funny and lovely woman but also, as an experienced musician, she made that tiny musical seed grow in me. In a few months, I went back to my childhood and, encouraged by her, bought my first after-childhood keyboard. Done that, keeping following the lessons, learning solo, and with her learning pills, I learned so much about music that I couldn't even imagine! If you want to get lessons from a woman that puts joy and love in what she does, Go for her!

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