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It is a different kind of choir that keeps the focus on vocal research and experimentation. It’s a workshop, a laboratory, an observatory, a telescope, a microscope. 

Is where we work on breaking stereotyped vocal perfection, the expectations and prejudices surrounding the voice, which is in fact the first and the only natural musical instrument as well as a very intimate, powerful and sensitive part of our being. 


It's the way I want to bring people together to sing - to search, to scream, to cry, to create music together and to use our voices without fear, with total openness towards our own personal expressive needs. 


It's where chaos, noise and melodic sounds are all part of the same dimension of creation. 

RAMBLING BECAUSE... travels all around the world in form of a workshop


...voices move, turn, meet and mix as free lines in different improvised music shape


...…different music influences will converge into our music 




//sounds, colors, timbres, and various kind of emissions melt into different kinds of collective improvisations exploring the possibilities of the voice by experiencing unusual vocal emissions, spoken voice as a melodic element


//resonances, articulations as rhythmic material, breathing-noises are discovered as musical elements and essential vocal features


//Together with improvisation we work on ancient melodies from the Mediterranean area and more, in different languages and dialects


// we experience graphic and verbal notation, guided improvisation and conduction

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