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THE POND debut's album is out!

The debut's album of The Pond, the duo of me and Nicolas Wiese is finally out. The pandemics slowed down the precess very much but we are finally there, you can pre-

order the album on Bandcamp, CDs will arrive during this month.

Looking forward to hold it my hands, every CD will have a unique cover and will contain in inlay with same lyrics, texts, stories and...secrets behind our musical choices and sounds.

The album is out on the beautiful and very very much international Syrphe Records.


If you are in Berlin, don't miss the debut concert on 29th of July at KM28 when a double release night is scheduled!

Beacon Sound releases A FOG LIKE LIARS LOVING by Leider, the art-song quartet of Rishin Singh, featuring Sam Dunscombe (clarinets), Nina Guo (voice), Derek Shirley (bass, percussion), and Rishin Singh (trombone).
Syrphe Records releases TURCHESI MIRACOLOSI by The Pond, the electroacoustic vocal duo of Elisabetta Lanfredini (voice) and Nicolas Wiese (voice processsing & feedback).

Here is the Facebook event.

Come and listen and celebrate these special debut albums with us.


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