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Middle Waters Tales - Concert on August 21st in Berlin

Middle Waters Tales, or Mittelmeer-Geschichten will be performed in Berlin on August 21st and I am finally realising my desire to bring one of my vocal ensemble on stage with me!

This week-end I will lead a RAMBLING VOICES workshop for around 10 persons to prepare a very special sound intervention for this concert. It will be made of spoken textures, melodic material, vocal callings, noise and whatever will come out of two days of intense voice exploration.

The choir will be singing on stage with me and other 2 musicians for this very special project.

This is something about a small sea that can unite and divide, about migrations, about voices that stuck in your head, long trips, infinite dreams.

Here is something more about it.

It seems possible to draw a colourful geographic map and timeline that crosses the history of the Mediterranean sea, only using rhymes, verses, songs, dialects, rhythms and melodies. With this concert we will approach some very ancient traditional songs from different mediterranean regions as an important historical document and through them, we will design intimate, social and historical aspects of this peculiar mix of people. The project is the attempt to keep these oral tunes alive while dressing them in a modern/contemporary way. The melodic material will be wrapped and connected by improvisations, noise and pre-recorded material that will serve to create evocative, abstract atmospheres and expand the sonic potentiality of these wonderful melodies making them become timeless.

Elisabetta Lanfredini, voce, tapes, radio, prepared shruti box, sound objects

Uygur Vural, (prepared) cello, electronics,

Marco Papa, guitar, electronics

+ Rambling Voices Choir led by Elisabetta Lanfredini:

Alessia Del Vigo, Andrea Burrelli, Chiara Arrigoni, Daniela Bevilaqua, Giulia Marchetti, Maria Silvano, Oliver Euchner, Silvia Frattali, Simone Guerretta

Entrance: free donation -> the revenue will be donated in its entirety to Sea Watch and Mediterranea/ Saving Humans

Doors open at 17.00 Concert starts at 18.00

The project is kindly Funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) and by Bezirk Tempelhof-Schöneberg / Dezentrale Kulturarbeit


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