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Sheep&Fish is a Berlin-based initiative created and led by Elisabetta Lanfredini often working together with the cellist Uygur Vural and in collaboration with international musicians from the Improv/Experimental scene of Berlin as Sofia Borges, Emilio Gordoa, Caroline Tallone, Mia Dyberg...
EL has been working in the musical education field for almost 20 years; in this project she converges her experience with bilingual children and international groups with an aim to propose a very universal musical offer using improvisation as a starting point to override musical genre, languages and musical culture, offering a very open, fluid and deeply interactive musical experience to the youngest audience. S&F has been giving concerts and workshops in Turkey, Germany, Italy and Portugal through international and local grants and in collaboration with schools, festivals and public spaces: like several editions of MIA Festival (Atoguia de Baleia, PT) and Free Flow Festival (Gravina di Puglia, It, 2022) as part of SHARE, Creative Europe international project. In 2021 has won a grant for strongly intercultural project from Berlin Senate/ Dezentrale Kultur Arbeit -Schöneberg, with a concert series that involved several musicians.    

 Working with musicians that are also experience improvisers, gives our activities a very fresh and unique cut that aims to surround children with different musical atmospheres, particular sound and original/non conventional ways of play an instrument. 
Meanwhile, we like to work with always different musicians to propose a variegate offer and introduce to children always different kind of instruments. 
Together with the concert we often also offer different kind of workshops in which we closely show and let the children approach out instruments or we build instruments with older children, or we offer a sensorial experience through very tactile musical games.

Our offer is generally dedicated to very young children (0-3/4) but we cannot say not to older audience that want to meet Sheep&Fish teams and it can be easily adapted and shaped for older children as well.

Our of

Singing, improvisation, body percussion, small sounded objects and lot of delicate interactions are the main features of the concerts for small babies, moreover we have worked to create a very international offer that is going beyond languages and musical culture. Since we want our concert to be available to a very international audience, we don't use spoken language and particular children songs, only little fragments of melodies are sometimes coming out from our musical material, melodies that are mostly coming from folk cultures of different origins. 

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